Thursday, December 17, 2009

Better late . . .

I'm late with my update. Again. But if I'm writing at least once a month, the blog isn't dead. Is it?

I wrote most of an update after Thanksgiving, but I didn’t publish it then and it feels too late to do so now. But in case you’re wondering, I had a good time in St. George: I ate plenty of good food, I visited with my family, I rode my mountain bike with my brother and I rode my road bike with my dad. I also got engaged.

Which helps explain my lack of writing. With my wedding a little more than three weeks away, cycling hasn’t been my top priority. Plus, it’s the off season, and I have no coach and little motivation to train. Can you see why I haven’t been doing much worth writing about here?

But it won’t last. Next week Catherine and I will spend a few days in LA, where, among other things, I hope to do some more mountain biking with my brother, even if the El Prieto trail is no more. And now that winter is here, I’ll be able to start skiing soon. And I’ll write about that when it happens. But for now, you’ll have to settle for updates like this.