Sunday, November 8, 2009

Over the Hills and through the Woods

My parents were staying at my grandma's house for a few days, so on Saturday I decided to ride my bike up to meet them for lunch. I had originally planned to put in a few hours on the road before finishing at my grandma's house in Bountiful, but because the weather has been so nice I decided to grab the mountain bike and take another shot at Mueller Park.

It turned out to be a good decision. I hit the Dry Gulch trailhead at about 9:00. From there I rode the Bonneville Shoreline into City Creek, where I picked up the trail on the west side of the canyon and rode the switchbacks up to the radio tours before continuing along the dirt road into Bountiful. From there it was a quick ride on the road to North Canyon, and from there a climb up to the saddle, where I picked up the Mueller Park trail for what is easily one of my favorite descents.

Conditions were great, as they have been all week. Temperatures were in the mid sixties, and except for a little mud at the bottom of North Canyon and a little ice at the top, the soil was perfect. The only downside to such perfect conditions is that they tend to draw people outdoors, and the Mueller Park trail was more crowded than I've ever seen it. And it's been pretty crowded every time I've ridden it.

Still, it was great to get in a longish ride. And because the weather has been so perfect for riding, and because I have vacation time I need to use before the end of the year, I may go ahead and take Wednesday off so I can see what Mueller Park looks like without the weekend crowds. If I do, it will be the perfect opportunity to break in my (not really so) top-secret new bike.


Anonymous said...

Sweet, I wish I had a network of trails like that still...but, I did do Inspiration point today in sub 2 hrs...I destroyed a group of 4 euros also doing it (2 which were wearing Rock kits), stupid euros.

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

The weather really was beautiful. We were quite impressed with the number of bicyclists out on Saturday. Everyone trying to get that last (or close to last) ride in before Winter hits. Probably a good idea to ride on Wednesday before the storm hits Thursday. Good luck. (Love the new bike!)