Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At least someone wants me

This morning I had an interview over the phone with an assistant dean from the BYU law school. I was a bit nervous because I had no idea what the interview was about (when I asked the administrator who set up the interview, all she she told me was that the dean just wanted to ask me a few questions).

Anyways, the interview was quick and painless. I've been accepted to BYU, and I'll receive my formal acceptance in mail soon. The dean also told me that I'll receive an offer for a "substantial scholarship." I like the sound of that.

This is the second school I've heard back from and the first I've been accepted to (I was put on the waiting list at Duke). I won't be making any decisions until I've heard back from other schools, but if I'm not in school in the fall, it won't be because nobody would take me.


me said...

*Everyone* wants you. A lucky few get to have you. :)

Abominable's Main Squeeze said...

An exciting time of life!